Changes in Perspective

Well, let me tell you about my weekend. I don’t normally just chat about my weekend but I was lucky enough to have three days off so i wanted to use it. After the high of publishing my first game I went in to the weekend with a lot of positivity and energy. I couldn’t help but just being happy that I created a thing, put it out there and a few people bought it. I am still so happy just thinking about it, but before I ramble lets focus on this past weekend.

Saturday was so productive. I managed to clean out a bunch of old things, DVDs, old tech, game systems I haven’t turned on in over 5 years, and clothes, lots of old clothes. I donated the games to a friend who works with children’s charities so that felt good. Dvds and clothes also went off to charities and shelters. It felt so good unloading a bunch of things in my house, I swear i could feel them there weighing on my subconscious. It was nice weather, well its always nice because its LA, but I even got time to sit on porch with dog, drink coffee and write for another game i had ideas for.

Sunday was a little rough, i still got some writing done but i had games and it mostly ended up being kind of a wash on productivity. I did get chores done so as i write this i realize i am not being accurate or kind to myself, i did a lot of things on Sunday as well and even took time to relax.

Monday was probably the best day i had. I woke up early, which is something i have been working on, and made coffee and breakfast. I did some more porch sitting, honestly this is like my fav thing to do. While i was sitting there in the wonderful morning light i got another three pages of game notes. Calling that a success i went in and watched a couple of episodes of shows on netflix and when it asked “Are you still there” i turned it off and made lunch. That was also a freeing experience, letting technology decide i should take a break.

After lunch i decided to work on some Gundam models and spent a good two hours listening to anime soundtracks and chilling out over tiny plastic pieces. After assembling two mech legs i moved to the couch for reclining with my dog and catching up on comics. Then it was dinner, and a couple of more shows and bed. All in all i was so happy with the creative things i did, the chores i managed and just going a whole day where my brain didn’t interrupt me with bad thoughts.

So here is my take away. I spent a good portion of the weekend with a few things in mind, and a few rules i tried to set for myself. First was ignoring the intrusive thoughts, this was a lot harder than i wanted it to be, but i made the effort. Any time the bad brain would pipe up with a complaint i would ignore it and try to keep working. I admit i had a lot of buffer from being so happy from game publishing. Second I drank water and ate meals on a regular schedule, another of the things I am working on being better at. My energy was up, i wasn’t feeling guilty for snacking on crap, i allowed myself snack time and tried to be positive. Third I made the very hard decision to try and stay off the internet and social media. I find myself spending way too many hours just scrolling through a feed mindlessly then feeling bad i haven’t done anything. Most of the time that scrolling gets me no where except lost time. I was honestly surprised how much i could comfortably fit in a day by just doing something until i felt content and moving on to something else.

I know this is all random and not that helpful but I am just happy and thought i would share. I hope you all have a great rest of the week.

Love you


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