4 Decades

Well here is is, 10 days into 2020. I wanted to resurrect this blog last year but i failed at that. Normally i would digress into a diatribe about how i never finish anything i start, that the last 4 decades have been the same old story. However, that is horribly unfair to me. Its mean and cruel and all it does is feed into the self fullfilling prophecy of feeling bad and giving up that i would take to heart. So fuck it. 2020 is about being nicer to myself and lifting myself and others up. Positivity. Love. Acceptance.

So instead i am going to resurrect this blog. It wont be consistent, i don’t know exactly what kind of content it will provide, but it will be words on digital paper. It will be the documentation of evolution, of 40 years of past mistakes being forgotten, in exchange for something more positive, something more kind and loving. So today we let the past die, we kill it if we have to, because that part of the past has held me back, and without it i can move forward.

Stay Tuned….

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