Lost and Found

“This is not going to work dwarf.” Aldric stared at the large warehouse window, a serious scowl on his face.

“O’course it will ya daft lad.  Do ya nay trust me? Ah’ll be in ‘n’ out in no time. Dinnae worry we’ll rescue her.”

“Trust doesn’t enter into it, this is a dumb and dangerous idea.” Crossing his arms across his body the pale Witcher turned toward the colorful dwarf.

“Bah! I’ve got a great plan, lets just get on wi’ it.” Thordrens smile beamed across his face as his long beard jiggled with laughter.

“I’m going to regret this….” With a heavy sigh he ran toward the small Bard and with all his strength and grabbing him with his full strength, spun twice and tossed him in through the widow.


With a loud crash Thordren smashed through the glass and rolled along the floor surprisingly graceful for a dwarf and popped up with a little flourish, glass particles spraying about the floor.  Quickly checking himself for damage and finding none he reached into his pocket and took a long drought from a jeweled flask.

“Heh would ya look ah’ that.  I made it Betty” giving a small kiss to the flask he deftly returned it to the pocket hidden in his vest.

“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!!” a booming voice rang out.

Quickly Thordren turned and found 5 large men dressed in dark leathers standing in shock at the dwarf who just came in through a window. With a quick glance behind them Thordren saw his quarry.

“Helllooooo  gentleman!” the stout dwarf waved violently, “Thendor Stoutstone Portsmouth Building inspector, Pleasure to meet you.”

The men looked around confusion quickly turning to anger as they reached to their belts for weapons and began closing the distance towards Thordren.

“Now, now, now men,” Thordren put his hands out in front of him and smiled a sly smile.  This is always his favorite part the thought to himself.  As he put his hands up he made a small tapping with his foot and hummed a quiet tune.  That was all he needed as his arcane knowledge of music kicked in, he weaved the innate magic of the beat and spread it out in front of himself, then ignited it with his words.

“it’s a good thing I showed up when I did.  This whole building isna safe, just look at tha window.  I went through it way to easily.  Obviously it some sort of dire termite or somethin’. A’hm afraid we’ll have ta evacuate immediately.” Any normal person would have seen through this obvious and blatant lie but Thordren was no ordinary person.  He oozed his charm as hard as he could and prayed that it would be enough.

Then men closed in anger growing on their faces and Thordren swallowed nervously. Then as if stopped by an unseen force the men stopped blinked a couple of times as the anger on their faces turned to worry.

“Dire Termites!” the largest man said glancing around frantically, as the other men lowered their weapons a little.

“Och aye, nasti creatures.  Whole place could come down on our heads at any moment. Best follow me ta safety” Thordren waved his arms as he ushered the men towards the door.  Reluctantly they all followed against their better judgement and began filing out the door.  Thordren followed behind as each one exited the building, laughing he pulled out his lute and began playing

“A dwarf through a window, caught you all by surprise

And like sweet little sheep you fell for my lies

Now follow me out of the dangerous place

So my best friend Aldric can smash in your face”

As Thordren strummed the last note and stepped out into the warm afternoon sun he laughed even harder when he saw Aldric looming over a pile of unconscious men, and with a floursh of his hat he bowed deeply.  “See Ah told you it would work….totally like I planned.  Now quick we hav’ ta see if shes safe.” And he ran back into the building.  With a heavy sigh and a roll of his eyes Aldric ran after, his swords clattering loudly.

Inside Aldric saw Thordren frantically searching bags and boxes and crates. The warehouse contents and been stacked neatly next to a wagon and it looked like it had been prepared to be loaded and shipped out by the now unconscious men. Aldric made no move to help the dwarf as he yelled loudly and threw about foodstuff, fragile contents about the place.

“AHH Aldric I found her, shes safe!! Oh bless the maker shes safe!!” with a huge smile Thordren popped his head out of a large trunk and waved a small wooden cask back and forth.  “Ach, I cannae believe I almost lost it….it’s the last one I had.”  He held the small wooden container close to his heart and rocked back and forth.

Slapping a huge palm to his face Aldric turned and headed for the door “Come on dwarf we have a boat waiting…I don’t want to stay in this town for much longer…war is coming and I have a contract to fulfill and don’t lose the whiskey again”

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