Of Dice and Friends

If you had told me a year ago that I would eventually be on the internet speaking in a bad Scottish accent pretending to be a dwarf bard, I would probably have looked at you a little weird and then screamed “HOLY CRAP I WILL!!???  I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THAT” I would then grab you ferociously by the collar and scream further “TELL ME OH MAGICAL TIME WIZARD HOW TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN SOONER, TELL ME, TELL ME NOW!”.  You would have suffered whiplash, I probably would have been sued, legal proceedings and financial ruin sending me to the wasteland to live out a sad lonely existence.  Instead none of that happened, but what did happen was magical and my life is forever changed.

In my last post I described my life and my discovery of Critical Role.  I wont waste time rehashing that.  Suffice to say that being engaged in this community has really changed my life.  Shortly after having found this wonderful show and making an active attempt to engage with the community I was really trying to figure out how I could start my own game of D&D.

My problem became immediately apparent as I was still sort of new to So Cal and my social circle was pretty small.  I basically ditched my real life Bar Trivia team because it was on Thursdays.  I had no time to fret over not being able to find a game as it was around this time that the Critters were born in full force.

Just What the Google Doc ordered

With the fandom growing and the need for D&D gameplay the Critters formed a Skype group and prepared a google doc where we all could provide input on what who we where and what we wanted to play.  This was a turning point in my search for games.  Here i ended up being paired into Group 4 with @elleine35 @tukroll @xdragon_riderx @charlesramsey13 @ruzgofdi and @MDfilmblog.  Once paired it was time to create characters.  I had decided to create a Dwarf Bard and was so excited to flesh him out and prepare him for a game. We nicknamed ourselves the Half-Assed crew, which i think came from a couple of characters being half races, but in the Skype chat it stuck.  It took us awhile to work out a schedule for playing but eventually it all came together and we started our first game .  I can tell you that the minute we got into our session and I started belting out a horrible Scottish accent I felt like I was at home.  In the few campaigns since,   we have come to learn so much about our characters, and we are still learning things today.  Becca is really coming into her own as a new DM and with each episode she comes up with more and more amazing things and ways to mess with each one of us.  I both fear and look forward to the day when Thordrens back story comes to the forefront.

We have been playing since June and i can tell you with a full and happy heart that I am a better person with these people in my life. having these adventures and sharing our ridiculous moments really does make you feel like you are a part of something bigger. I have grown very fond of my Half-Assed Crew.  Not only are we the best of D&D friends but I have met a couple of them in person and they are just as amazing.  We are always in contact and we are there for each other nearly 24/7.  I never could have expected this if I was wanted to. And even today when my life feels like it’s heading toward a dark and scary place and I feel like I can’t cope, they were there for me, and I know that they are just a Skype chat away and that makes all the difference in the world.  i never have to feel alone, my D&D friends will always be right there.

This is what Critical Role has spawned and these are what #Critters and #Hoomans are.  Just real people who understand that everyone else is a person and treats them with the respect that people deserve.  We are there when you are down, and we will help you back up.  I love my Half-Assed Crew.